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Shopping and Giving Back

Noa Personalized Jewelry is an online shopping destination for independent fashionable women not afraid to shine in their own light. It is a place where something as simple as your name becomes a unique piece of jewelry. The Noa Personalized Jewelry shopper is also conscious of the needs of others. This online jewelry boutique offers a range of affordable, high quality, and fashionable jewelry pieces sure to fit any fashionista’s specific characteristic.

We have a delightful range of products, designed by our skillful team of technicians who incorporate a blend of individual style along with sentimental charm. Our products are some of the most stunning and contemporary pieces of jewelry that you will come across in the market. We have jewelry categories such as name and monogram necklaces, pendants, and customizable rings just to mention a few. Choose between pure sterling silver, solid 14K gold, or 24K gold plated material to adorn the name of your choice.  Coupled with efficient machinery and a competent workforce, we can use all your ideas while creating personalize pieces to meet your personal sense of style.

Noa Personalized Jewelry Boutique is also a place where shoppers can give back to their community.  At Noa Personalized Jewelry $3 of every sale goes to the non-profit organization:  Final Salute.  The Final Salute Charity is an organization that provides homeless veteran women with safe and suitable housing.  Final Salute believes that veteran women who proudly served their country yet are homeless is unacceptable and we at Noa Personalized Jewelry agree!  Our boutique has also designed a t-shirt where 100% of its profits will go to the Final Salute Organization and necklace where 50% of profits from its sell will go to the Organization as well.  Both items states:  We Rise By Lifting Others…a core belief here at Noa Personalized Jewelry.   Help us show these women that we did not forget about them and we appreciate their service to our country.